Member Agreement

carrotsThe Hub of Heaven Community Garden Rules for Harmonious Gardening
1. Re respectful of Mother Nature
  • No chemical fertilizer or insecticides / herbicides
  • Use compost, worms and worm castings, and natural products to augment the soil. Use organic insecticides available at Welna II Hardware or any other garden store. When buying seeds and plants please buy organics, or at least seeds or plants not treated with neonicotinoids (neonites for short) especially one called clothianidin.

2. Be respectful of other gardeners

  • Keep your plot weeded!
  • Keep surrounding areas weeded!
  • Remove rotten vegetables
  • Use the compost bins for plant matter and take your trash home, please
  • All planting is to be within the plots. No plants in pots outside your plot, please.

389211_10101904649628810_789797037_n3. Be respectful of Hub of Heaven Community Garden

  • Pay for your plot by the end of April
  • Plant your plot by May 31
  • Contribute at least one chore on Work Day or during the summer
  • Clean up your plot by November 1 (weather permitting)

These are simple rules developed since at least 1997. We can all follow them. If not, we will give you one written warning. If that warning does not get results, you will not be allowed to garden at the Hub of Heaven next year.

If anyone wants to organize a group event, feel free! Use the kiosk at the garden for announcements and information about gardening.

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